A good amount of SLM merch will be up soon. Including shirts, pins, stickers etc etc...


Please save your money cause the bands will have lots of merch to sell. Stuff that you cant get around the corner.

MASS MEDIA RECORDS will also have merch to sell from their distro.


Merch will not be shipped out, if you buy through PayPal you will receive it day of the 

fest. Buying it through PayPal now will guarantee you a copy due to items possibly selling out. Paypal fees wil be added.  


SLM Merch

SLM 2017 SHIRT REAPER (S,M,L,XL) - $15.00

POSTER - $5.00

Design - Jonathan Sirit 

SLM 2015 POSTER - $5.00
Design - Cait Allen 



SLM 2016 POSTER 1 - $5.00  Design - Thomas T.




SLM 2016 POSTER 2 - $5.00 Design - Cait Allen
SLM 2012 POSTER - $5.00 Design - Robert F.